Our Trailers

We pride ourselves on the quality of our trailers. We are well known in the industry for custom building our trailers to the needs of the Agricultural and Construction Industry. Each product is carefully built at our workshops to your specifications by our team of experienced engineers.

With over 20 years’ experience in repairing, refurbishing and manufacturing trailers, we can give a good service to any task in the trailer market.

Each category of trailer comes in a range of standard models based on carrying weight. If you require a non-standard weight, or a trailer with non-standard features, please call us and we’ll discuss your requirements further.

Attachments & Accessories Attachments & Accessories

We manufacture and sell a wide range of additional extras for tractors and our trailers.

Flat bed and bale trailers Flat Bed & Bale Trailers

Our pallet/bale (flat bed) trailers range from 6 tonnes to 18 tonnes, making them extremely versatile.

Grain and grass trailers Grass & Grain Trailers

Our grain trailers have a high-capacity monocoque-body design and are ideal for transporting a range of materials. These trailers feature a standard swing door or hydraulic lifting doors and many optional extras.

Low loader trailers Low Loader Trailers

We specialise in multi-task trailers. Our Low Loader range can be used for carrying plant & equipment, agricultural machinery and everyday farm use, e.g. bales. We do a light low loader range for moveability for confined spaces and smaller tractors, as well as a heavy range.

Tippers & Dumper Trailers

Our dumper trailers feature an easy-tilt mechanism with hydraulic door, barn door, or standard door hinged both ways for easy access.